Here is a selection of the timbers that we use at Redwood Joinery.

European Oak, Softwood and Sapele are particularly popular, but a mainstay of what we're currently producing is Accoya wood. We are certified to use Accoya and it is perfect for demanding applications such as windows and doors, where it is important that tolerances are tight yet regardless of the conditions, they open year round.

Accoya® is perfect for siding where wood's natural beauty is desired, but sustainability and high performance are of the utmost importance. For more information please follow this link

Natural wood is a superb material to work with, to build with and to enjoy for many years. There are cheaper materials but none that combine the warmth and feel of natural timber.

Whatever you choose, it will be built by craftsmen who are proud to put their name to what they make.

Shown below is a small gallery of the timbers we use, offering a good idea of the colour and structure of each. You can click each image to show it in greater detail and for further advice please do just give us a call.